Various Buying Behavior of Consumers During Shopping



How a consumer behaves in a market is unpredictable. In fact there are many factors like personal reasons, advertising and promotion, perceptions, social status and many more which affects the attitude of a consumer to a particular product. The decision of a consumer whether to buy or not a particular product or service can be made due to many reasons? The main objective of the producers is to develop an interest in the consumer which pulls him or her to buy that product. Advertising and promotional activities are done for that same purpose of generation of interest.

The common buying behavior of the consumers is routine response to a product. The involvement of a consumer in this kind of purchase is low since the selection process is easy and is free of confusions. The competition in the market has less influence on consumers because the selection is already done before entering in a shop or market. This mainly include food items like milk, soft drinks etc.  Another kind of behavior is the sudden response to a product. In this type the consumer has no interest in any particular brand or product. When he or she comes to a shop the best product is selected which suits the quality and pricing required. The competition among the producers influences this type of behavior to a great extent. This kind of purchase is done occasionally mainly in the clothing markets.

Extensive shopping by a consumer is made for the products which are expensive like cars, computers etc. In this type, the consumer makes the purchase only after proper study and research about the market. The reviews and testimonials of earlier customers are of high worth in this type. The post purchase services from the producers are also a matter of concern here.

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