Types of Cybercrime you Should be Aware of



Internet crime better known as cybercrime is creating a havoc in many users lives. Since everything nowadays needs internet like banking, emailing, important data sharing etc. the internet security must be on the top of everyone’s list. This is a serious issue and these crimes must be fought against as well as people should have some knowledge about the different crimes that are threatening people worldwide.

  • Hacking of email accounts – many people have faced issues of their email id getting hacked. Their personal and official data being used to blackmail them, or used against them or misused by these hackers.
  • Threat of personal photos – these hackers can get into your account and hack your personal photographs. They then ask the victims to pay a price to retrieve these photographs. At times users have very private and personal photographs with them and these can be misused of if gone in the wrong hands.
  • Internet banking at risk – although internet backing is quite safe and each banks take extra care in keeping their internet banking security system up to date and well secured, so that their clients get only the best. However, at times hackers have been able to hack into people’s account and robbed their money. This at times happens when people use their cars on a fake or not secured websites.
  • Hacked Facebook accounts – there are millions of people all over the world who have faced their Facebook accounts been hacked. At times you can file a complain to the admin and retrieve your account but not always has this been successful.

Internet should be used well and people should be aware of such crimes that keep happening on a day to day basis. Henceforth, do keep your account and personal data safe always and always install anti-virus in your laptops and computers so that all your data is safe from such issues.

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