The Effect of Home Atmosphere on Education of Children



Home is the place which gives the primary education to children. The education starts from the very small age of an individual. It is initiated by the parents. Later, children are sent to the schools from where the academic education gets started. The behavior of children in the school depends on the families which they come from. In turn, the family can also contribute to the education of an individual to a larger extent. When the parents wish that their children should win in the academic level, they are unaware and negligent of the fact that the atmosphere in the home invokes the ability of children to brighten them.

The parents should help the children in their academics. The support and coordination which parents provide can influence the children in a positive way. Otherwise, the children tend to evade from their responsibilities and perform low in the schools. The parents should also keep contacts with the teachers to get updated about the performance of children. The teachers can also guide the parents to mould and improve the children by identifying the problematic areas.

The level of family involvement is different in different stages of education. The education stages include the primary, secondary and higher studies. How the family should play the role is on the basis of the skill development. It means the care given to a kindergarten student is not same as which is to a fifth standard student. The parents can arrange attractive learning activities in the home itself correspondent to the school academics. The relationship of children with the parents is another indispensible factor in education promotion. If the children feel happy and friendly to spent time with the parents it is the most effective strategy for educational development in the home.

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