Role of Advertising in Success of Business


Business Concept

The presentation to the public which details about the features and benefits of a particular product can be termed as advertising. It comprises of many promotional activities which aim at the interest generation in the prospective customers. The information about the producer, quality of the product and the available places of a product are given in the advertisements. The role advertising has increased with emergence of high competition in the business world. The main feature of advertising is that it is a mass communication. Also, it creates a persuasion in the present and prospective customers which further is converted to an interest to buy the product.

The advertising gives the consumer a choice to select or not to select a product. This promotion mix involve element of creativity and innovation. It is the best way to introduce a new product or modifications in an existing product. The reach of advertising is extended to a larger area which access the customers missed by the salesman. The goodwill of the company is also enhanced by lightening the competition to certain extent. The main advantage of advertising is to give public warning against the imitations of products in market.

The sales volume can be increased, selling activities are supplemented, reduction in the selling overheads is possible and an indirect guarantee to customers about the quality is also given through advertisements. The different media of advertising are print, outdoor advertising, direct mail, film and radio advertising. The effectiveness of advertising can also be measured by different tests. It includes

  1. Pre- testing (group evaluation, interviews, questionnaire, recall, reaction, sales area test etc.)
  2. Concurrent testing (consumer diaries, co-incidental surveys.)
  3. Post testing (identification test and mail surveys)

Advertising is a kind of persuasion marketing technique in which human psychology is used as tool to sales promotion.

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