Features Of A Good Warehouse


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Every industry would have its own 3pl warehouse, and it is important to have it because if you have extra goods or materials and especially if you are a manufacturing unit, then a 3pl warehouse is definitely required because that is a place where you would be keeping all your belongings and materials safe. In this article, we have discussed the features of a good warehouse.

  1. Spacious

The first and the foremost feature of a good warehouse is to be spacious because as already mentioned you would be storing all the materials including the raw materials and also the ones that are finished. So if you do not have ample space to keep all these materials, then it becomes extremely difficult for your organization to buy another area just to store goods.

  1. Ventilation is necessary

The 3pl warehouse in your organization should be well ventilated because if you are storing anything which is moist, then it becomes extremely difficult without proper ventilation because there are chances of it being getting affected by termites or fungi, so it is important that your warehouse is well ventilated.

  1. Get accommodation for the guards

You also need to have accommodations for the guards who would be taking care of the warehouse to otherwise; it becomes a little challenging for you to accommodate them somewhere else. Warehouse would be yours you do not have to pay anything extra but, if you are planning to keep the warehouse guards somewhere else then it becomes extremely challenging as they might have to come to the warehouse early in the morning and then leave when their work gets over, and you might as well pay a lot of money in the form of rent to the other people.

Hence, it is important to have rooms so that you can accommodate the people who are taking care of your goods in the warehouse.

  1. Store things separately

Remember to keep things separately in the warehouse and just because it’s a warehouse it does not mean that you can dump everything together because segregating things can become extremely difficult when it is not kept in an organized manner.

  1. Store the raw materials and the finished goods separately

You must also make the raw materials, and the finished materials are kept separately so that when you are planning to deliver something to the customer, you just have to walk into the finished material section and just get them and deliver it to the customers. But, if you mix it up with the raw materials, it becomes extremely difficult for you to segregate those materials.

  1. Have a security guard full time

Remember to hire an exclusive security guard for your warehouse of the warehouse because it is important to have a proper security system as you would be storing a lot of materials worth millions of dollars in the warehouse and if you do not have a proper security system chances of theft can be high.

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