Does Post Purchase Service have Any Role?


Business Concept

It is a relevant question that where does the journey of a customer ends. Does it end when the purchase is over? The answer is a big no. Companies offer guarantee and warranty for their products and services. But it is a common opinion of the customers that how the representatives of a company behave before and after a purchase is different like day and night. The companies do this because they are unaware of the fact that post purchase services mean a lot. The effect of these services is on the reputation and goodwill of the company.

Since the competition in the business world is very high, what the customer expect and demand is also on rise. In the past scenario, customers suffer the impairments in the service from the producers because of the limited availability. But today the scene has got changed to an unbelievable one. Hence, the companies also care to maintain appreciable relationships with their customers after the purchase in order to make sure that the expectations of a customer is met. Researches show that post purchase service is a medium of retention of the customers. It is also a tool to increase sales without investment and risky operations. What the producers have to do is just to train the employees how to handle the customer with a complaint or dissatisfaction.

The hassle free experiences of shopping of a brand or in a shop can attract the customer which is an indirect promotion. The word of mouth is a powerful tool of advertising. What an earlier customer says about a company is more trustworthy for the prospective customers. Today the conventional shopping methods and online companies provide the service since the customers disagree to settle for less. Certain companies make regular interactions with the customers just to assure that they are happy and satisfied.

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