Characteristics of Effective Parenting to Improve Home Environment


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Family is the basic unit of a society which is build and developed by the members in the home. It is very relevant to foster children in proper way which can only render the progress of society. Criminals and anti social elements are also formed due to the non effective parenting in the families. Here are some ways through which healthy fostering of children can be achieved.

Children are new to everything which they face. It seems difficult for the children to distinguish the good from bad. This is the prime task of parents to teach children what is good and how to keep themselves away from the bad attributes. The parents should act as the path guiders who show the light to righteousness. So it is highly significant for the parents to practice what they preach. What they ask the children to do or do not must be followed by parents also. For instance a father who is a chain smoker cannot ask his son to not smoke. It should be always kept in mind that there are no shortcuts to effective parenting. Some of the qualities that a parent should possess to achieve effective parenting styles are noted below:

Humor sense
The way how parents engage with children is very important. The tough and rough parents will not get a space with their children to express themselves. The parents should maintain a friendly relationship with the children so that both of them can share their feelings which stimulate unbreakable bond formation between them. The children will get attracted to family time more than the time spent with friends. Friendship is the real downers who keep children away from the parents and family values. In the present scenario the overuse of social media can also be reduced by increasing the family bonds.

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