Can Families Bring Changes in Societal Conditions?



A society is build of many families. Thus family is the basic unit of a society. What a society do means what the families do. Many famous persons like Aristotle, Michael Novask, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and many more have said about the importance of family in the building of societal structure. A person first interacts in the minor form of society that is the family. The stronger families can make stronger societies. The family values which a person possesses are the stimulus for the activities he does in the society. So the parents play a pivotal role in the formation of society. How family can influence the conditions of society is discussed in detail below.

The formation of society is through the procreation of individuals in families. A society contains individuals from different backgrounds. It is a common saying that; a criminal is born as a criminal. What make him a criminal are the circumstances in which he or she is born. There are few factors that fuel for the character formation of each individual. The fundamental lessons of life have been taught by the parents or the grandparents in the home itself.

The culture and values from one generation to another is transferred through the families. The socialization is main element which makes human being a social animal. The religious views and beliefs are also transferred in the same manner. This transfer helps all the societal factors to exist. Unless the family succeeds to share the good, the generations are not going to avail the good from anywhere. The primary education got from the family can only fuel the economic growth by upholding the values. Each community may have different culture and beliefs which make them unique but the role of families do not differ.

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