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The internet is a growing platform with many options to communicate and share with others. There are different benefits and strategies that come from marketing on social media, emails, websites, or other platforms.

Did you know about these 7 most common ways to make products and services known on the internet?

  1. Websites

A website is crucial to growing your brand. You need to give prospective customers a reason to think you’re credible and genuine. This can be done by providing images and details like where to find you, and by offering valuable information.

Heard of ‘social proof’ in business? It’s a fact that we buy what we know others are buying. Websites are a great way to increase this through forums for online reviews and relevant blog posts. And don’t worry, they can be easy to make without coding. Plus, they cost less than traditional advertising like pamphlets.

content marketing

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing comes into the picture when your business has a clear target audience. It’s designed to attract people and provide them with appropriate and engaging information.

Tailoring your info and having something to read that isn’t just another sales pitch lets your viewers know you have something valuable to say. This creates interest, loyalty, and in turn, willingness to purchase stuff from you. This is an effective way to lift your bottom line.

It’s all well and good to choose a topical subject to write about, but do remember to keep it in line with one or more of your core business goals. What can you write that will interest viewers, and support your business?

  1. Search engine marketing

Is an umbrella term encompassing two powerful marketing pathways your business can take to get ahead of the crowd in terms of search engine results. There are a lot of website listings returned by search engines in response to queries. We’re talking in the high millions, but only 5% of us actually look further than the first page of Google.

It’s a competitive landscape and unfortunately your website will probably not be getting much attention unless it makes its way into the first page of results. How do you do this?

Here are 2 ways…

  1. Paid ads – paying for advertising space in specific keyword searches through ‘pay per click’
  2. The SEO in Sydney or ‘search engine optimization’ – is for organic traffic, where you aren’t ‘referred’ by another site, but simply arrive at the page via a search engine. This is where the push is for high-quality, relevant content, to attract viewers in this way.
  3. Email marketing

The humble email is another great marketing tool, and for some top online marketers it’s even a go-to. The way this is done has evolved over the years.

Techniques include…

  • Personalized messages – using customer data to suggest a product your contact may like.
  • Event message – sent to customers to inform about an action or change made by the company
  • Recurring emails – sent on a regular basis, such as a weekly newsletter.
  1. Social media marketing

Another powerful medium for business. The most practical features of platforms like Facebook are the in-built data collection and analytics tools allowing you to monitor the success of ads – and save a little on market research.

You can also communicate and share with many different stakeholders at once…

  • Potential customers & employees
  • Bloggers
  • The general public
  1. Mobile marketing

In an age where we always have a portable device in reach, it’s important for marketing to engage with this. Consumers on the go expect information about goods and services that’s relevant to their exact time and location. Consider in-app advertisements, QR codes, and formatting Google search ads for mobile devices.

  1. Banner advertising

Have you been on a website or application and seen a rectangular display catching your attention across the top or bottom? This is a banner ad and latches onto side bars. They tend to use high-visibility images rather than text and the aim is to get viewers to click through to your site.

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